Keep Reading, Keep Dreaming, and Keep Living…VSB original


July 22, 2011

Poster for the book, arrived in the mail where to put itWell I recieved my free posters from Xlibris (my publishers), I had completely forgotten about them until today. Looking at the posters just amazes me that I am actually a published author. Well I’m on a new quest now, to see where I can get at least one them hung up.  Well I will keep you guys posted and will let you know when there’s a store it can be viewed in, until then.


July 20, 2011

As many of you know, this is a new blog currently under production. After the publication of my first book “The Masquerade Ball“, I thought that I should redo my page to focus on me the author instead of just the poetry and random thoughts that pop into my head. Right now the page is designed to focus on “The Masquerade Ball” and my current project “Blood Connections”, which is a vampire series I’m working on. Also, I added pages that viewed some of my other writing interest such as my random thoughts that pop in my head, but also essays and inspirational quotes and of course my first love poetry.

Currently I am working diligently to get the page up and running with many flowing words. Now I know for those how may have been on the page it may seem odd to be looking at an authors page that is incomplete, but for those how has been following my work before the first book was even finish I know that they not only appreciate the opportunity to go through this journey with me, but also understand the reasoning behind me inviting everyone to walk this path with me

Right now I am working on converting all my post from my old blog to my new page, so throughout the next week there will be many new entries and updates. I will also be working on getting everyone some more information on “Blood Connection” , I hope everyone will enjoy what the read and I very much welcome comments and feedback. Until next time; keep reading, keep dreaming, and keep living…



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