School Is Just Around the Corner

Okay, like everyother parent on the planet I an anticipating the new school year. Besides the fact that the children are starting to drive me crazy, I am happy to be getting back to school myself. Over the summer I took some time to think about my educational process and what I am trying to accomplish and what it is I would like to be doing. So with much discussion (mostly with myself), I decided that the pursuit of a BA in English would not be a wise choise. With that being said I will be changing my major next month to Journalism and minoring in English. I felt that this was a better choice since I thought about what it is I really want to do and knowing that I do not want to go into teaching but I fully intend on continuing my writing career; journalism was a good choice. With this being said, I wish everyone a happy, safe, and productive school year and I will be keeping you all posted on that progress as well as the progress of my latest book…until next time happy reading and keep writing.


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