Hey guy,

I know it’s been a while since my last post and for that I am truly sorry. Since my last post I have had a bad case of writers block and school also began for me and it has been a crazy last couple of months. Well anyway I’m back and so far so good I think my muse has temporarily returned. So I am currently working on conquering the Writer’s Digest Poetic-Asides; ‘November Chapbook Challenge (link below).

So as with the Poem of Day challenge for National Poetry Month, I will be posting each poem I submit into the challenge. Now to better keep myself focus and going with the task I am also challenging myself to go all the way to the end as a personal birthday present to myself since my birthday is this month.

So keep up with the blog and you can also visit my facebook and twitter pages where I will post random links to this page and each poem. Thanks for all the support and if you haven’t already go out and get your copy of “The Masquerade Ball” at a book store near you, also available on   e-book format.

Enjoy your evening and until next time





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