April 30, 2012

With the closing of April, this also marks the closing of a wonderful chapter in my life. In three days I will have submitted my final paper and with that ending my time at Rutgers Newark Campus. I know many are wondering why the abrupt and sudden change within my educational career. Well this year has been life changing to say the least, many norms has been pushed out to make room for all the wonderful things to come. With that being said, May marks my day by day start to my new future, I have a more positive job outlook, my baby will be starting kindergarten in September and I will be starting online @ Full Sail University working on my BA in Creative Writing for Entertainment.  I literately stumbled across Full Sail while looking on the web for online schools, I had decided to look into an online school to give me more time and flexibility to look for a new job. So I saw the school and fell in love instantly and it was funny, because the first thing I thought was why I couldn’t have found the school years ago. Well, it’s true when they say everything happens when it is meant to happen. Come to find out the program is fairly new to the school and it hit me; I didn’t find this school, the school found me.

So now with that being said, my  plans are to truly enjoy one month off from everything except conventionally job searching. I plan to work on some poem and clear my brain and exercise my writing muscles (they’re extremely rusty).  And when June starts, it’s me and the first installment of “Blood Connections”, no rushing, no looking to the finish line, just a day to day mission to the final page. My goal for June through to the last day of August is to not let personal fears distract me of discourage me from this very much achievable goal, a paragraph a day that’s the short goal and from there just let the pen fly.

Today I claim the title of author, inspiring poet and genius with a pen and today I put myself where all those who truly have supported and believed in me have placed me for years…on top.

With that I say thank you for all your patience; old and new fans alike and I promise to continue to push myself and try not to let me stand in my way. And when the monster peeks around the corner, I will remember this message from a very good friend: “I spoke to a woman yesterday who claimed there were no more prolific writers in the world…but then I thought about you and I wished I could have shared what you have written to her. If I could have then she would have seen that beauty in writing still does exist.” (I apologize if I didn’t get the words right, Frank). And with those words I am forever inspired to write…and so the journey begins.


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