Today’s Thought–5/31/12

Today is the first day of my “cyber cleansing”, with the exception of my blog I am deleting myself from the cyber world. I decided that this would be a good exercise for a number of reasons, lately my focus has been off and I am trying to remove things in my life that has not been helping me and my writing in a positive way. Now don’t get me wrong, Facebook and twitter can be very productive tools for writers as I have seen, but unfortunately for me at this moment they have only been distractions. I have been doing a year long cleansing of my life as a whole and this is just a part of the process. I’m not sure how long the separation will be, but as of June 1st my main focus is to the book an by letting go of a few things I will be able to nurture my passion a bit more while continuing the life cleansing that I am doing. I will also be more productive on the blog, sharing thoughts, ideas, and work. I hope everyone that have been there will continue to be there and enjoy the ride as we go along. Also, I will be making minor changes to the blog as the days go by, feel free to leave your input. Until next post, keep dreaming and keep pushing forward.


One thought on “Today’s Thought–5/31/12

  1. Mr. Leon says:

    Agreed! You can’t move forward if your holding on to the past. I see BIG things in your future. Now GO GET IT

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