I realize that life is so very short and there is no time for regrets or even missed opportunities. I have lost so much over the years and it seems like lose never stops it just slows down a bit. I see not only the struggles that I am faced with but also the struggles of all those around me, especially those I care most about. What I also see is how long I have been hiding from not just the world, but also myself. I am sad because there is so much pain surrounding me and there is nothing I can do to help fix the lives of those I love. But I am even more sadden, by the fact that I have been blind to the happiness that surrounds me and unable to completely embrace it, because I have been unable to let go of fears and worries that have plagued my life for as long as I can remember.

Today I simple breath in deeply and ask that those I love that are suffering find the peace that deserve. I hope that all the others know that i love them no matter what; yesterday, today, and tommorrow. And I say to myself, that I am strentgh, I am beauty, I am wise, and I am everything that I am suppose to be. I no longer want to waste a single moment worrying, being scared, or holding myself back. Life has brought me so much and its time for me to embrace it.

I will let my words flow from this day forth, the way that they were meant to flow and I will stop fighting all the good that has entered my life and let it inspire me to be great. And with that said, I dedicate these words to the love of my life, I am so greatful that fate brought us back into each other’s lives through that faithful phone call. I thank you for standing by side through the good and the bad these last months. I am honored to know you and grateful to have your heart, my smile is brighter thanks to you. Our home knows this peace that I don’t believe we’ve ever know and I thank you for that and I know now without any thought I am ready.


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