Words of Encouragement

I am in Newark, New Jersey and I lost power Monday night, October 29,2012. Currently, I am still without power and life has in many ways came to a stand still. This will be my first real natural disaster, although Irena hit just a short time ago many of us in the Newark area was not heavily affected as others. For me it’s been an eye opener and this event has brought me to a better understanding of life. Before this I had started my job hunt while attending online school and lots of times I would get into the worst funks, often feeling sorry for myself like my life was over. I see much better now how fortunate I really am, I have my health, my children has theirs, we have roof over our head, food, and LIGHTS. Many of us take for granted those simple things and now as I truly worry about when the lights will be restore or what food we may have lost I am even more grateful of my life. Sandy has taken homes and lives, while we cry over power a mother is now morning the death of her two children. I hope to never know how that feel, I hope no other mother has to know how that feel.

So I say all this to just say, while we sit talking about we can’t watch television or I can’t get on the Internet or any of the other stupid things we are thinking about. Remember your babies are still breathing, your house is still standing, you know without a shadow of a doubt that everyone you love made it through this.

Just remember no matter how bad you have it, someone else has it worst. He’ll I’m sitting outside in the cold typing this on my phone while it charges. But you know what, I’m ok with that because someone else is sitting outside in the cold in front of what use to be there house wondering what’s next. Just think about it. I am grateful because I know I will get through this and I pray that we all remember that we are all in this together and it really does take a village.


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