The Bigger Mini-Me

I am still on the high of my baby making Honor Roll for the first time; I have told her time in and time out that she is amazing and can do anything that she set her mind to. Now three years after being diagnose with ADHD and a lot of trial and error, my little is one her way achieving her full potential. 

Her moment just brings me back to when she was born and the instant knowing that she would change my life forever. Six months later my mom passed and at first I thought my world was going to implode, lucky for me I was given an angel in physical form. She made me realize that there was nothing that I couldn’t get through and anytime I needed a boost she would be there smiling that beautiful smile melting me heart every time. 

So now with a number of changes taking place in my life and me being the one experiencing the ups and downs of life, she has once again inspired me and reminded me, that I can get through anything.

With that I just want to say that I have been grateful since day one for both my girls, each has brought new and exciting things into my life that I could never see myself living without. Now I am once again inspired to push myself a little further and welcome the challenge because I know when things look their gloomiest all I have to do is look at the smile that can light up the world.


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