Just 10 days before Christmas and the world is hit with another horrific crime. Today a 20 year old man, still unknown why went into a Connecticut school and opened fired. At this time the reports has come in stating that 27 died, 18 being just children ages 5 – 9. First as a mother my heart goes out to every one involved in this terrible act.

It is so sad when something so tragic happens with no rhyme or reason, anytime a child’s life is lost that pain is felt across the globe. But when their lives are taking senselessly and needlessly there are no words to describe the pain that everyone feels. I often try not to speak ill of any person, because we are all human and all with fault, but this person that took so much innocence from the world deserved to feel such pain over and over again.

Just 10 day before what is normally suppose to be such a magically and happy time for children especially, has now been turned into a horrific memory that an entire town will have to relive year after year.

For lack of positive things to say, all I can say is that my prays goes out to all the parents, friends, sisters, mothers, fathers, and brothers. My heart breaks for you all at this moment and we know that all that lost their lives will never be forgotten and all affected will rise above this pain as time passes.

The universe is a bit darker today now that so many stars has went out.


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