The Second Inauguration of Barack Obama

On this Martin Luther King Jr.’s day I am still watching the 2nd Inauguration of Barack Obama with my oldest. I didn’t watch the first one 4 years ago, but I felt this was something that she should experience for a number of reasons including the fact that she is the next generation of this nation and there for should know that all things are possible. So far she is enjoying watching history in the making and I am enjoying the fact that this piece is history she will one day be able to share with her children. I must say that since Obama’s election not much have changed, but at the same time so much has change. I sit every once and a while and think back to when I was my daughter’s age and think about what was going on in the world at that time and now here it is 2013 and our first African American President is serving his second term as leader and chief and this nation.

I take this time and smile at the growth of this nation and I must say I am happy and proud to have been able to see history in the making. I also, can’t wait to see what is yet to come. I was able to share this with my daughter and my sister and although I wish my mother and grandmother could have seen this, I know that they are smiling down at the change of the world and I smile knowing that my daughter, live this change and will help carry it forward to a new era.



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