Black History Month Honors

As I posted my Facebook Page: “In Celebration of Black History Month, let’s talk about the beautiful African American queens that has inspired you to be who you are. Share with everyone and let us know who your inspiration is and why.”

Black History is 28 days of celebrating the achievements and struggles of all the great African Americans that have paved the way for us and our children to do anything we choose. So today I thought about giving honors to the queens that has been inspirations to us to do great. 

My first inspiration has always been my mother, she was my rock and she taught me how to never stop fighting, she taught me strength, and she taught me how to love and take care of my family. But I have been inspired by many black women in my lifetime, my aunt Ann inspired me to be beautiful, my aunt Belinda inspired me to remember its never to late to conquer the world. Countless teachers inspired me to keep pushing forward. My daughters inspire me to following my dreams. 

I am also inspired by many of my friends, I see their acheivements and they give my courage and hope. I am also inspired by countless others that are positive role models for not only me, but also my daughters; Michelle Obama, Alicia Keys, Taraji P. Henson, Oprah Winfrey, and Gabby Douglas. For me these are just a few of the woman that I would like my daughter to look at and say, I can do that. 

So as we sit and look at all those who has came before us and pay homage to all that they sacrifed and gave for us to get to where we are today, take a moment and look at the queens past and present that has made significant impacts on our world today. 

Black History Month #neverforgetyesterday


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