The Smallest Things Matter Most

The Smallest Things Matter Most

Everyday I remember that the little things matter most of all. Over the weekend the love of my life brought me this book and a paperback copy of Stephen King’s “Nightmares and Dreamscapes” home after work. She said she tried hard to find the hardcover copy, with no luck. Something I already figured because it is in did a collectors idea at this point. Nevertheless, she said as she was walking through Barnes and Noble this and another Poe book caught her eye. Now not being a big reader herself and definitely no fanatic when it comes to books she sat wondering which one I would like best. She stated after a minute or so she paid attention to the quality and cover of this book and knew by the cover alone that I would absolutely love it.

Well, once I got it home and removed the plastic I simple fell in love. Leather bound, silver leaf parchment paper, it was a magically moment that any writer and reader could ever have.

So I write this just to remind everyone that its not about the price of the gift, but the thought that goes behind it. She knew that not only do I love Poe, but she knew enough of who I am to know that I would absolutely fall head over heels simple from the cover and thats what love truly is. It’s knowing how to make the one you love smile at any given moment, it’s about knowing that the one you love would cherish a pen more then expensive jewelry. It’s about truly knowing the one you say you truly love.

The smallest things matter most and I am so grateful to have someone that understands that complete and knows that my eyes will light up a bit brighter for a beautiful book.

Keep writing, keep reading, keep push…VSB


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