Hey Guys!As luck my have it, when you’re

Hey Guys!

As luck my have it, when you’re not looking for something, everything falls in your lap. I’m talking to one of my BBF’s about the Printed in Newark show being held at the Gateway Center in Newark, NJ for anyone that is interested here’s the direct link the Newark Printshop page: https://www.facebook.com/NewarkPrintShop?fref=ts 

Well my friend and I was discussing networking and getting out to more art related events including art, dance, theater, and writing. Anyway, we started discussing Art House Productions located in Jersey City, NJ; direct link: http://www.arthouseproductions.org/home.html

They are putting on a performance of Guys and Dolls over the weekend and we were discussing going, since I love this music and would love to see it live. Anyway, while on the site I can across a program called “INKubator”, basically its for writer, actors and director. 

So after reading through and seeing the guidelines I was struck by inspiration, this is something I can do. Some years back I had an idea for a play and what better opportunity then to put it together for this program. 

So stay tuned I will be posting soon with an outline idea of what my play will be about, hopefully it will flow smoothly, so stay tunes and as always thank you for all your support. 

Keep writing, keep reading, keep pushing 



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