Thought Of The Day

Good morning fellow writers and reader. Beautiful day out, but of course my sinuses are being disrespectful. Yesterday I had a few light bulbs turn on and today I understand myself just a little clearer.

For everyone that struggles in one way or another I truly understand, just remember it will pass. I know first hand the days feel like they repeat and the nights get darker and darker, but I’m here to tell you there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Struggle never fully go away, but life can be beautiful, it can be bright and it can be joyous, you just have to believe it. You must understand that healing doesn’t happen over night and change requires for you to stand up and fight.

For now work on the first steps admitting to yourself that something is wrong, choosing to except that something is wrong, deciding to fix what is wrong, and then learning what is wrong.

Trust me on this:

It’s easier said then done, but once you start you will find the peace that is inside of you.

Keep writing, keep reading, keep pushing. VSB


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