Love Is All You Need

Evening Everyone,

I just came across this video a little ago and it was very interesting, Funny enough it reminded me of the Twilight episode “Eye Of The Beholder”.

It’s so funny how everyone has an opinion on everyone else’s life, how everyone feel that what they do is supposed to be pushed onto another person. The simple true is we have been different since the beginning, whether color, size, age, or belief.

So now, why is it so hard for people to just let it go, stop trying to change a person, stop telling them that what they are doing is wrong and that your way is the only way.

We teach our children to not follow and to lead, but everyday people are being forced to follow someone else’s ways or belief.

We always here that only God can judge you, but no one ever gives him the opportunity to do so. All you hear is “That’s a sin!” “How could you do something like that to your body!” “No this is the only way to live!”

Enough is enough, I believe that if we took half the energy we put out trying to tell everyone else what to do, or hating, or even just being mean and cruel. If we took that time and put it into our own lives we would see significant changes and reward.

To put it simple, “Love Thy Neighbor”.

Keep writing, keep reading, keep pushing


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