Quick Thought

Today has been a busy news day; Trayvon Martin murder trial, Football Star Arrested for murder, LGBT community winning a huge victory. There’s a lot I can say about each, but not today, just hope the world is keeping up with everything that is going on around them, you truly need to be aware. 

In other news you have Edward Snowden is still MIA, Paula Deen is having a rough time, and Nelson Mandela is on life support. 

I basically say all this to say, there is so much going on in the world good and bad. Everyone has an opinion on something and everyone wants to know everything. I feel like the level of importance has been lost in the wind, but the need of knowledge, the ability to love, and the will to survive never strays. 

Just remember for everyday, there will be a battle, the news will never stop coming and the world for now will not stop spinning. So sometimes one must be able to understand when their opinion is not needed, know that everything you see on television does not affect you personally and sometimes you need to just shut up and let things be. 

Give your opinion, show your support, voice your voice, just now sometimes it’s not about you. Live your life and stop trying to tell everyone else how to live theirs. 

Keeping Mandela in my prayers.

Keep Writing, keep reading, keep pushing. 


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