Thought Of The Day

So my birthday is in exactly 19 days and I will be turning the big 3-4, now I know many women would not be sharing this with the entire world, but I have always embraced my age and enjoyed each milestone.

This month I have decided to take the #NaNoWriMo, #PiBoIdMo, and #NaBloPoMo challenges, I haven’t been writing a lot and decide to take the challenge would not only be fun, but also helpful. As usual I sat down and did some soul searching and thought about what have been going on in my life and what things I may need to change or may not need to change.

What I usual do is sit and determine what has been the most prevalent thought on my mind and this years constant thought; the past.  I realize that although I have not being living in the past I have been dwelling on it, there has been some what if’s and why not’s. I have lost parts of myself and have been reminiscing on a magically time that once been. 

I know most feel if you live in the past you must not be happy with your present and for me that is not the case and this is why I make it very clear that I am not living in yesterday. I am very happy with the life that I have; I have two beautiful children, a wonderful partner, and many others whom care for me deeply.

My thoughts rest on my writing, my reading, the enjoyment of the many things that made me who I was and although, I have grown to be a strong woman, and I am very happy for that. Nevertheless, I realise that the things I loved in my life were taken away due to many different events and yes there are somethings that should never come back, there are things that help to build the woman I am today.

For the most part, I want this birthday to bring with it renewed creativity, the focus and concentration to read more of the literature I love to read. I want to exercise more and meditate like I use to, I want to work at being whole. I know there are pieces missing from the puzzle, but the pieces are just waiting in the draw. This year is the year to make everything that is possible come to the forefront. Last year was a great year, this year will be an even better one.


“My Struggles Will Make Me Legendary”


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