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On my way to a substitute job, while on the bus I see this couple. A couple possible around my age, maybe a bit old. Well I sit trying not to watch them, but unfortunately they’re completely unavoidable. It is clear that the two are using or were using drugs, and it brings me back to a conversation I had about being a product of your environment, about how easy it is for a child in Newark, NJ of fail. As I sit here with my faithful cup of coffee (consequently, my personal drug), and my headphones flowing, I shake my head and remember to say thanks for all that I have and all that I am.

I realize as I watch the couple and many others exit the bus to stand in front of the methadone clinic and watch a few from the line board the bus, that could have truly been me!

The one thing many of the other passengers on this morning voyage tend to forget, is that most of us all came from the same place. These urban freaks of nature were once just like the rest of us. It’s just that in their case the waves of the beast overtook them, and they drowned under the massive power of ignorance, poverty, lack of drive, drugs and fast money.

Once again, I express; that could have bee me! My life was no cake walk and even to this day I fight to stay above water. I face the urban jungle head on some days and hide from its horror on others. But, I look at them and remember how close I came to being amongst this ever growing breed. I see the next generation rising and turn my focus to my children and teaching them; that you lead, not follow! I teach them that their environment does not have to define them, that they do not have to conform to the ideas of the people that occupy their surroundings.

Basically, one must remember that the miss fortunate they see could have easily been them. Remember that the environment that you were born in does not define who you are or will become.  Be you no matter what, love your home, love your family, love friends, even love your neighbors, but never forget what make you who you are.

And always remember how easily you could have been one of those standing in the meth line.


Keep Writing, Keep Reading, Keep Pushing


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