Good Afternoon,

Well, this sucks, I was all ready for the #NaBloPoMo challenge and what happens I get sick, so I have been completely out of commission for the last two day. YEA ME! So I’m back, I’m not at 100%, but I’m getting there slowly but surely. Currently, I am checking the 1000’s (yes 1000’s of emails), I’m an email hoarder, catching up on some DVR’ed shows and folding laundry.

Well this seems to not really be an update, I guess being sick for two days can really do a lot to you. So I guess we will just keep this one short and sweet and see what later on this evening brings us. I plan to get some writing done, but being out of it for two days there are a number of things to handle. Until next time.

Keep writing, keep reading, keep pushing



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