Ok I’m sitting here watch the game “Let’s Go Cowboys!” Yes I’m a fan! Anyway, I’m sitting here with the hubz, the cousin and his girl watching the game, I just took my faithful dose of Alka-Seltzer and playing on my iPad. The girls are on their way to sleep and I would love to be writing right now.

Here’s where the problems starts, there are moments when you realize that no matter what you do, writing is not on the agenda and today here’s my list of reason why I will not be writing this evening:
– can’t stop coughing
– Sunday night football
– my apartment is to small
– in about 1/2 hour my meds will have kicked in and I will be snoring
– I can only sit up straight for about 10, maybe 20 minutes at a time.

Lesson to this tell that possible makes no sense:

You have to know when to let something go. I am always doing this or that and that or this. Always talking about how I can’t get sick, I have to take care of the house, I have to work, and everything else probably heard countless times over.

Well today was my reminder day, I got up and moved and moved and moved. Pulled Sunday dinner off, but I am exhausted and didn’t really do that much. But the magic phrase in this tale is, “I’m not feeling good”.

So yes I feel bad for not being able to get in front of the computer and type and type and type, but every muscle hurt, there’s extreme sinus pressure beating down on me, and sleep is creeping up on me.

So I might not bee able to work on the great American novel tonight, I was able to share with all of you. So I share this, sometimes you don’t need to push, sometimes you need to know when to let it be until the next day.

You must always know your limits and never push yourself harder than what is needed. Know when it’s time to rest, know when the body and mind needs a moment to relax.

Never feel bad for being human and having limits and remember tomorrow is another opportunity at greatness.


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