So, this is how my week is going, since the last time I was here I have still not gotten over this awful cold/flu virus that has infected me. I was able to get my so things done Sunday and Monday and went back to work on Tuesday. But life has a funny way of sticking it to you went it wants to, because last Wednesday, by was sick as a dog by time I got home and this Wednesday I went from a little throat irritation, to being hoarse, and now unable to talk at all. My head and throat is hurting now, and that devastating cough is back!!!

All I can; THIS F****** SUCKS (please excuse the harsh language), but I can’t believe I’m this sick. I literally have TEN days before my birthday and the way I’m going I’m going to be stuck under the covers miserable singing happy birthday while high off some cold medication. Ah! I just want to scream, but of course I can’t, why, BECAUSE I CAN’T TALK!!

Ok, breath, it could be worse and I know and I’m thankful it’s not. I just truly dislike being sick, I don’t like being able to function at full capacity. Plus the fact that the last major illnesses was when I had bronchitis which was 11 years ago isn’t helping my resolve. But hey, that’s life right and it is winter, and I have been slightly over doing it and my body has no problem telling me to sit my A** down.

So I’m sitting even if I don’t want to, lots of tea, soup, and my new favorite; honey and lemon juice in water (it’s really not bad). And off to the doctors I go, hopefully for a cure, until then I think I whine silently for a little bit longer.

Keep Writing, Keep Reading, Keep Pushing



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