Ok, so my birthday is in exactly five days and although I am almost over the cold, flu, plague (whatever you want to call it), to now my sinuses are on over drive. But hey, off to work I go tomorrow (hell I actual miss the kids, and I’m looking forward to going). I’m getting up and making the most of the rest of the week, no matter what, hey when everything is said and done I had the worst already, the cold is gone and if I have to party around my own house singing happy birthday to myself then so be it.

I had two weeks of sickness and whining, and I’m ready to do something else with my time.  For now I want to dive back into the challenges and see if I can make so head way. Also, Thanksgiving is around the corner, and I planned on making some chocolate chip cookies. Well that’s about all I got for tonight, still taking antibodies and some other meds, and have to be up at 5ish. So until tomorrow.

Keep Writing, Keep Reading, Keep Pushing


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