January 1st – December 31st, so much has happen and so much has changed. My life has truly done a complete 360 and now as I come full circle I see a bright and shining path ahead for myself as well as my family. Although, the magic wand that fixes everything did not wave over me this year, I admit wholeheartedly that this was truly a good year. With that said I am not only happy, but grateful to be going into 2014. I have said many times, many ways, all the different things I will be accomplishing for the new year, but this time I have nothing to say. I have no resolutions, no affirmations, nothing but the simple reflections of a year now at a close.

Even though, I have no commitments to make to you for this new year, I still welcome it with a smile and the knowledge of knowing that there are many exciting new changes ahead for me, and I look forward to each and every new moment of 2014. So I won’t keep you, I know shortly many will be counting down and waiting for the magnificent ball to drop. So until next time and if I happen to not speak to you before hand.

Happy New Years everyone and may this year bring you joy, prosperity, love, and everything in between.


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