Before And After: Our Wedding Story_Day 10

So the love of my life and myself are getting married in 10 days, yes 10 days, and I must say this has been an interesting ride. First, I realize that planning a wedding is definitely a hard task to pull off. It comes with its own set of emotional ups and down, but planning it in under 5 month is absolutely crazy. Then add on two full time jobs, two children, crazy family and friends, and I guess the fact that we are a same sex couple (if that boring fact interest you at all) now we have the makings of great reality television.

2/27/14 Day 10 12:30PM:

So far we have the dress and the tux, all decorations have been ordered, space has been acquired, and the menu is set. This is a small event, and we don’t have a wedding party; just the best friend and the cousin/brother will be staying alone side of us.

Tonight’s to do list:

  1. finish up the programs
  2. finish up papers for guest book theme
  3. prep the runner
  4. look over vows
  5. make a list of what is left to get
  6. look over my vows one finally time


Of course I missed FedEx so I called so they can leave my package at my door tomorrow, and I’m praying its here, I need to make sure the snowflakes are small enough for my vase or back to the drawing board on that. (Did I mention this is day 10 of my wedding count down, joy.)


So I got through stage one of the runner prep, stage two can not be completed until I get my second delivery (should be here Saturday). Nothing else has been done yet, of course, because I got home exhausted, and my throat is killing me. Not to mention I had to make what I feel was an unproductive detour, but I did acquire a few of the items I needed from a friend. So I just finished eating, and now it’s time to do a few more of the items on my check off list and with that, I’m signing off. Will up date you guys tomorrow and pictures will follow as the days go by. As usual, thank you for taking this journey with me, your support is truly appreciated.

Keep Reading, Keep Writing, Keep Pushing.


3 thoughts on “Before And After: Our Wedding Story_Day 10

    • VS Bryant says:

      That’s for the comment, writing the experience actually seems to be helping me relax and looking at it from the perspective of being outside of it is intriguing. Today’s post will be up later tonight.

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