Before and After: Our Wedding Story_Day 9


Good morning literary lovers,

So I guess I’m at the stage when anxiety completely takes over. Short version I had the worst nightmare ever; we couldn’t get married, I couldn’t find the officiant, someone was stashed in the closet, and me literally running around in circles. (All the crazy stuff).

But I’m all better now and ready to take on Day 9′ (coffee and a good cry can be so good for the soul). So with that being said I finished the guest book last night. YEA!

I completed my vowed this afternoon and my package arrived as well. (Did you know it takes six to eight hours for water beads to get their full size, who knew). My snowflakes also came (a bit smaller than what I was thinking, but it gave me an idea)

Of course I’m still working on the program and always I’m ready for a surprise or two (FOUR MORE GUEST! SURPRISE!!). You know after that I don’t want to play anymore. My throat is still hurting and I’m exhausted, tomorrow’s another day. Actually, I should have the last of the stuff I ordered and can start working on my centerpieces.

Tomorrow’s to-do-list:

Laundry, programs, and an evening out with the ladies. Yes, even though there’s a wedding going on I still have two little ones I have to keep a float and if I don’t get a relaxing moment, I think I may just walk off the preverbal edge. As usual, thank you for taking this journey with me, your support is truly appreciated.

Keep Reading, Keep Writing, Keep Pushing



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