Before and After: Our Wedding Story_Day 7

7:00AM 3/3/14

So as you can see I’m posting the next day, but that’s a good thing I did get a lot done on my fun filled Sunday. Not neglecting my house duties, laundry, the children, and dinner was handled and I even had time to sit, eat, and watch the Oscars. (look at me multitasking, lol)

As for wedding prep; the runner is complete, stage one on my centerpieces is done, and I prepped like 50 snowflakes. I emailed my vows to the officiant and I’m cleaning up the programs.

So the next five days will consist of, replacing my tablecloths (we realize blue will look better). Finishing up the centerpieces, the programs, and the stars. We have to finalize the look of the room, a few other odds and ends and then we will be perfect.

I also, have to change up my wedding day plan, last minute change in the status of the person that is suppose to be helping me changes how my Saturday morning will go. But no worries not letting that put a damper on my week, so far it’s moving smoothly so that’s what we’re going with. A smooth sailing week.

With that being said, as usual, thanks for taking this journey with me, your support is truly appreciated.

Keep Writing, Keep Reading, Keep Pushing



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