Before and After: Our Wedding Story_Day 6

10:34PM 3/3/14

Two post in one day, I am on a roll over here! (not really)!

Ok, so I finished the last batch of snowflakes up and think I have the perfect idea for the room and the tulle. The centerpieces are being done as I type (my friend came through and is adding initials on them, hopefully, they will get finished tonight). After that I will just have to finish adding on the finally touches (WHICH WILL GET DONE TONIGHT!) 

If the centerpieces can be completed tonight, the last big thing will be the room, and everything else is little odds and ends, including the tables. With that I don’t think it’s much more to say about the prepping stage, oh yeah I am finishing up the programs as well. Actually, I was just working on them and took a break to start this for you guys.

Some asked me how I was feeling today since it is so close to touchdown and after sitting for a bit and thinking about it, I am fine, I’m actually better than fine. I am truly happy to be marrying the person I love so very much and even though, standing in front of nice size crowd and reading my vows put such a fright in me, and I looking forward to my day and the opportunity to be able to confess me love.

Thursday we go and pick up our cloths and I am super gitty about that, the girls heads are getting done as well and I’m hoping to be able to get their outfits while we are out. Any other odd items that need to get picked up will be handle between Thursday and Friday morning and my hair and stuff will be getting done on Friday as well.


The centerpieces are complete (HORRAY!!), the program is nearly complete, unfortunately I need to get some sleep for tomorrow (or rather later this morning). With that being said, as usual, thanks for taking this journey with me, your support is truly appreciated.

Keep Writing, Keep Reading, Keep Pushing


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