Before and After: Our Wedding Story_Day 5


So I ended up having to come home and fixed a few of the centerpieces, no biggie decided not to let it get me down. My candles have been ordered, and all the food has been handled. Nevertheless, when one door closes of course another one opens and now we have to come up with a play list for the after-party (hell with byob, its now byop: bring your own playlist, lol). Either way, no biggie, it will be handled.

Of course the program still aren’t done, but I am on the very last part, so they will be ready for print tomorrow. Tomorrows my last day at work and although I am grateful, it’s making me a bit nerve, we’re up to 50 people (in a small place), and I have a feeling someone is going to pop up from out of the blue.

With that being scared I did just have a little scare, no one could find my little brother (he’s in college in Georgia), but no worries, he’s fine and now safe at home. So with that it’s time for me to jump in the shower and get ready for what promises to be a fun filled day.

Besides going work I need to go over my supply list one last time to make sure everything that is needed is there, so we don’t forget anything. So with that being said, as usual thanks for taking this journey with me, your support is truly appreciated.

Keep Writing, Keep Reading, Keep Pushing



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