Before and After: Our Wedding Story_Day 4 & 3

Well, this post is definitely late so I have to do a two-for-two.

3/5/14 – So the programs was completed and I’m actually proud of the way they looked. I fixed all the centerpieces that needed to be fixed and it has been an extremely tiring day.

3/6/14 – 10:08PM_Today has been very productive, I ran around this morning and got some of the odds and ends I need. The license is currently sitting on our table and we picked up our cloths and one of the girl’s outfit.

4:46AM – The space is just about finished, we just need a couple of more chairs and then we are ready to go. Later today we have the rest of our last minute running around to do, but now it’s sleep time

As usual, thanks for taking this journey with me, your support is truly appreciate. 

Keep Writing, Keep Reading, Keep Pushing


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