Before and After: Our Wedding Story_Day 2, 1, and Forever

Well, first let me say it was a good thing I was to exhausted to post last night (they may have closed my page).

Well, having gotten some need sleep, cried, screamed, and drank some wine the day is finally here (YEA!!!!!), but let’s go back to yesterday. So we did our running around getting the girls shoes, picking up the big ones dress, etc., we get home I start working on the candles to only get the one phone call to start a chain of aggravating events.

So first, I damn near cursed my friend out, because who should be here helping me this morning, is not. Why, you asked, because she flaked, (I feel if you say your going to do something you do it, your word is all you have)! Although she did come last night and brought me a much needed bottle of wine, I am sitting in my house alone right now on my wedding day blogging to you guy (not to say this isn’t fun, but serious). Anyway, so she showed up last night like I said, but she was supposed to have been here this morning helping. But whatever what’s done is done, I will handle that later.

So then we get ready for me to be dropped off to get my hair done, we stop to look in the room to see that the HARDEST part of our decorations had been pulled down. Yes you read right pulled down.  Pissed is not the world to describe how I felt, but like I just said, what’s done is done. I went and got my hair done and by then her friends were here as well as the flake and they were very helpful and now the room is beautiful again.  But there was a few other hiccups last night, nothing to bad, just minor irritants.


What a crazy, fun, and exciting day, yesterday was. I got to meet my mother in-law and other sister for the first time, (and I love them just as much as my other new sister ). They were so helpful, helping get the girls ready help my sister help me get ready, simple AWESOME!

All four of my sisters were there as well as the big bro/cousin (who of course walked me down the aisle), as we as a host of other wonderful friends and family. Unfortunately, there was some people that didn’t make it and others who were late for no other reason then them simply not caring. But don’t worry, I will handle that.

The ceremony was beautiful, I’m debating if I want to throw up some of the candid shots now or do I just want to wait until I get the professionally one. Lunch was delicious, and the after party ROCKED!

Now before we get to the after party, let’s discuss after lunch. Although, the food itself went well and everything came together like we wanted, people will still find a way to test your will. All I will say is that it was an eye opening experience.

Even with that, the after party was WONDERFUL! We had such a fun time and it was a lovely way to end such an extraordinary day.

Currently, we are working on a slides how of the unofficial set of pictures and as soon as we have it completed, I will post my link for you.

With that, we thank you for taking this journey with us and we truly appreciate all of your support.

Keep Writing, Keep Reading, Keep Pushing



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