Ok, I have officially been married for 17 days (in the eyes of the state anyway). So of course life has not changed it’s still work, work, work, busy, busy busy. But I have to say I am truly happy and I think I’m still on my marriage high just a little. So I just got finish posting the unofficial wedding album on my YouTube Page. It is a collaboration of about 200 or so photos taking by our friends and family. 

Now I had the hardest time getting it to my page and then once I did it couldn’t be viewed do to copyright infringement. Don’t worry I fix it with YouTube and added an acknowledgement in the description. 

I’m going to post a link so you guys can see it and I think I’m going to do a small trailer of a few of our official wedding photos to share with everyone. I don’t think we are going to share the entire album (which also includes 200 + photos), but I would like for you guys to see some of the awesome pictures took, by Mel Gattis (FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/melgattisphotography). Once again thanks Mel, we truly love them. 

So for now I hope you guys enjoy the unofficial album and please feel free to leave comments. You can also subscribe to my page not a lot happening right now, but hopefully that will change. Also, like my Facebook Page and follow me on Twitter and Instagram

Until next time,

Keep Reading, Keep Writing, Keep Pushing. 

“The Unofficial Wedding Album”:  http://youtu.be/N0YLD7dungg



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