Unable, Yet Able

As I sit unable to drift, watching sleep call me to that wonder abyss, I wonder and ponder, screaming in my head, my mouth refusing to open, scared, scared of breaking the empty silence, but noise surrounds me, a car driving by, people, screaming, yelling, fighting.

As I sit unable to drift, watching sleep play catch with my dream Pegasus, the rainbow is so bright that it blinds me, one click of the power button and it all goes away, but my mind is not ready to call it a day.

As I sit unable to drift, I pull at my hair, I rack my brain, how many days up like this, quiet, quiet I say, quiet they say, quiet we say. Quiet the sounds, the worries, and the stress, brush the anixiety, pain, and sadness to the left .

As I sit unable to drift, wondering, worrying, the maybes, the almost, the what if’s. Quiet, quiet they say, nomore living in the pass, today is your day. Quiet, quiet they say, no more looking behind you, your future is straight ahead.

As I sit unable to drift, stress about the important, let go of what can’t be changed, control all that is controllable, let go of that which you cannot tame.

As I sit, I am now able to drift, with a clear mind, with a clear heart, I can know peace, because I am peace. My chaos is actually creativity, all the rest, you know all the negative mess, that is not me. A time, a reason, a season, each part playing a part, a role that has now been omitted, but one will never go far.

As I sit now able to drift, I finally realize that the rough draft has passed, the first draft lies before me and the second draft awaits me. Time, time to edit what is not needed, unnecessary characters must be deleted, All that is needed is the story, no glitter, no hype, it was always perfect like the soundtrack of my life.

As I sit now able to drift, I see clearly now, it is all there just waiting to be, waiting for me to no longer be waiting for them. The stage has already been set, the audience is already wAiting, close your eyes the light are truly bright, time to sit down, time to type, actually it is time to write.



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