R.I.P. Robin Williams

Good Evening Writers, Readers, and everyone in between,

I won’t make this a long drawn out piece; I just wanted to be able to share with all of you my deep sadness to hearing the news that we just lost an icon. First, I want us all to send all the love, prayers, and good vibes to his family and friends.

As for his fans please remember his wife’s words, let’s not remember him by the way he left this earth, but by the way he walked this earth. Take a moment or even an hour or two and watch his brilliance on the screen.

I am not often moved to tears when I hear the passing of an entertainer, yes I feel a lost, but not knowing the person behind the character keeps me from feeling that lost you truly feel when you lose someone. Nevertheless, Robin Williams as always is an exception to that rule.

Even writing this I am choking back tears, knowing that the world has lost a truly bright star and as the sun sets my sky is just a bit darker knowing that he is gone.

So as I said I do not want to make this a long piece, I just wanted to say he will be missed for a very long time and the world will truly never be the same.


Keep Writing, Keep Reading, Keep Pushing…and for tonight find your favorite Robin Williams movies and smile with him once more.

A Legend


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