Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

2014 was a crazy and exciting year to say the least, filled with an abundance of emotions, a roller coaster of life’s craziness. The beginning of the year saw the celebration of my one year anniversary of my civil union, by officially tying the knot to the person I plan on spending the rest of my life with. She has been one of the best things in my life; my hubz, my partner, my friend, my rock.

My Family 2014

But I digress, although the day was overflowing with happiness and love, it didn’t come easy and it opened our eyes to many prejudices and how lacking people are when it comes to loving what they consider fault, even when the expect you to love every flaw they carry without question.

I fought a lot of demons this year and struggled within myself to understand that in the end sometimes you  just have to let go. I mean not that sort of, kind of let go, but that ultimate and complete detachment from everything that is holding you back.

This year taught me that you will alway love your family, but sometimes family can be the negative influences that need to be released, and you know what, it’s ok. You won’t be terrible person, you won’t fall apart, and honestly everyone will judge you, but they’ve been judging you for years so do it really matter.

This year has brought a number of sacrifices with it as well, I had to make some tough decision for not only my future, but also my families future. Some things had to be push back so other things could blossom and that’s ok also; a bird would never know how to fly without taking that first step.

Nevertheless, by no way will I say 2014 was a bad year because by no way was it, I watched my oldest daughter mature into an interesting preteen and the baby continue to grow into this delightfully happy little person. While my hubz and I continue to grow closer and stronger together, while lifting our family up to where we want to be.

For 2015 nothing has changed, the goals that weren’t completed this year are on schedule to be finished in the new one. The only change will now be the approach to reach said goals, no more word, just action. Everyone is always so concerned on your life and your steps and this year has taught me, it’s not because they care, it’s because they simple need to be in your business.

So for 2015, I will continue on my writing path, I will continue building the relationships that will help propel me to my goals not push me farther away. I will to action this year not just talk about it. I will love both my biological family as well as my in-laws, but what I will do is not put a ton of energy into worrying about what any of them think or how any of them feel about how my house is living life.

Here’s a thought for 2015; “We’re Gay! Deal with it, get over it, or just leave us the hell alone!” For 2015 I would rather for everyone to be completely honest with us, then continuously lie to our to faces. I will also be taking my own advice and I will work on being a bit more honest about my feeling, so by all means everyone should do the same.

Well I could go on and on about my outlook for 2015, but then I would already be starting the year off wrong. So with that being said,  I hope everyone has learned something from 2014 and have plans on moving forward in 2015. I wish everyone the best in all their endeavors for the new year and I hope to see you smiling and satisfied in the new year, I know will be.

Happy New Year

Keep Writing, Keep Reading, and Keep Pushing.  VSB


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