A Quick Hello

Good evening writers and readers,

It’s been a while and i felt it was time to stop in. Since the last time I was on nothing has slowed down and not too many changes has come. I am still still writing and working on new projects. Currently, I am working on a new work schedule to get more writing done and include getting back in school. 

There has been a number of set backs that I have tried not to let put me in a bad space, however, it can be hard to keep a positive outlook when everything seems so dark. 

Nevertheless, I have let this pause run its course and I am now focus on what it is I am working to accomplish. I have slowed down a bit remembering that no tomorrow is not promised, but I still make the most of everyday and hats what I plan on doing. 

I don’t have any specific updates to give and I hope to have something to show everyone soon. With that as always thank you for all your support it is always appreciate. 

Before signing off I have a question and will watch for comments. What do you guys think about vlogging. I have thought about it a number of time, but my stage fright tend to  force me to just let it go. Either way I was wondering how would a writer go about creating a creative vlog, while still staying true to their craft. Looking forward to your answers 

Keep Writing, Keep Reading, Keep Pushing. 


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