Poetry and Art

Good Evening Writers and Readers,

It’s been ages since I have been on and I just wanted to share something. So a week ago I was going through my Facebook timeline and came across this amazing picture. There was no artist credit attached to it, but who ever drew it did an awesome job. Now I have been going through a bit of writer’s block, but this picture inspired me to write a poem. So I just wanted to share my poem and this gorgeous picture with all of you.

Unknown Artist

You are a bud waiting patiently for water, 
Soft and delicate, bright and brilliant,
I am your nourishment, your water, your sunlight,
I fertilized the earth in which you sprouted from, 
I tended, I weeded, I encouraged you to grow.
From my love, my patience, and support,
In you; a single flower, I received a garden to now show.

From you, I am afford shade from the hot scorching sun,
From you, I am giving the softest of beds to rest my bones when they are weary,
From you, I am always covered in the sweetest of scents,
From you I see nothing but beauty in world dripping with darkness.

Never forget neither one of us hold more power,
Together, our world is better with a gift that was heaven sent,
My definition of love is you and I know your definition of love is me,
So I wrap you in all that makes me woman, as I rest my head on your petals,
I get wrapped up in your Sepals, breath in your milk, and become enchanted with your loveliness.

So I hope you guys enjoyed both pieces and as always please comment, your support is greatly appreciated.

Keep Writing, Keep Reading, Keep Pushing



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