Everyone, Everywhere in the US can Get Married, Now What?

Newark, NJ, March 8, 2013, about 5 or more inches of snow fell; it was windy, cold, wet, and slushy. For most, it would seem to have been a horrible winter’s day, for me it was one of the happiest days of my life.

Back in 2013 same-sex marriage was recognized in New Jersey, but Jerseyans could not legally get married in the state. At the time my spouse and I have had many conversations on getting married and whether we wanted to travel across the river and tie the knot.

After a lot of conversations we decided we would get the civil union ceremony here in Jersey and wait and see what would happen later on down the line. So with that said, March 8, 2013 we were off to the courthouse with family and friends in the middle of a heavy snow ready to confess our love for one another.

Then October 21, 2013 same-sex marriage became legal in New Jersey, so we decided to have a “real wedding” as a way to celebrate our first anniversary. Now for us the Civil Union and the Wedding is for much more than just that piece of paper. At the end of the day we love each and nothing anyone says would ever change that. However, for us it was more about security, we wanted to make sure that as we decided to expand our family further, financially we would all be ok. When you look at it, that is the number one goal of all parents; making sure their children are okay.

Now lets fast track to 2015, June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court with a 5-4 vote ruled that the U.S. Constitution provides same-sex couples the right to marry. Tossed the confetti, break out the champagne and lets celebrate. Everyone, everywhere in the U.S. can get married, now what?

Now there are many people who will hate this post and have tons of negative comments and although, many will love it and praise it. It’s not about that; it’s about the next steps. It’s about acknowledging how far people have come; yet still recognizing how much farther we have to go.

I challenge all the people who no longer have the marriage fight to keep them occupied to take a minute and focus on something worth the time and energy. Let’s see, how about the round about 3.5 million homeless people in America. How about the education, or women being raped, or black men dying. There are more terrible things that goes on behind closed doors, than who a person lays next to. It’s a shame that all these more important issues are not even spoken on, because some people felt it wasn’t right for two people of the same-sex to fall in love; get over it.

As history has proved no one will ever agree on everything. White people once felt like black people didn’t have the right to be treated like people. White men once felt like white women wasn’t worthy, I’m sorry, intelligent enough to vote. There was also a time when adults felt like poor children didn’t need an education and this can go on and on and on.

See the point, maybe we should just learn to agree to disagree, as long as that person is not hurting another person, let them be happy with their lives. As history has proven life is too short to sit around and worry about whatever once else is doing, you’ll end up missing all the beauty the world has to offer.

So I say again, everyone, everywhere in the U.S. can get married, now what?

Keep Writing, Keep Reading, Keep Pushing



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