Mother’s Day Letter

Dear Mothers of the World,

You are the strongest person on this planet, no matter what is placed on your shoulders you continue to rise and walk your path.

You are the bearers of the fruits of the world, you have the power to build nations and the strengthen to knock down mountains.

You are the foundation in which your home is built upon and the glue that holds your family together.

You are the healer of wounds, the mender of hearts, the voice of reason, a referee, a lover, a leader and a fighter.

But sometimes they can forget that  you are also human.

Perfectly flawed with everything that makes you uniquely you, you are a goddess in your children’s eyes, superwoman to the world and queen to the one who holds your hand.

Most days you will bear the weight of the world on your shoulders, never asking for recognition constantly doing you part from the sidelines.

Although you may think they don’t see your personal sacrifices for their success; they do and they will.

However, strong and beautiful mother, I see you, I know that smile of pride, I have looked through those tired eyes.

I have cried that silent cry and worried through the sleepless nights, I have sat with you praying for them to be ok.

I know the joy of those little voices, those little feet, those little hands, I’ve looked into the universe behind those little eyes and knew an unconditional and unwavering love.

Mother’s you are amazingly strong whether you stand beside someone or whether you stand alone.

The sun rises because you smile, hearts are filled with love because you touch them, all is right with the world because you are in it.

You are a mother 365 days a year, your light shines brightly from day one to the end of time.

You will always know love, you will always be recognized, you will always be a superwoman, you will always be amazing…

Because you will always be a mom!

Happy Mother’s Day!


A mother and a daughter


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