The Journey Might Be Slow, but it’s Very Exciting!

So the last time I wrote I had a few things in the works regarding new job positions. Well, one didn’t go through and the other one was not worth taking, unfortunately.  I felt a little down about the job not going through because I was very excited about the position. However, after sitting for a while and thinking about it, I realized that isn’t where I need to be at this moment in my life.

Even though I am still looking for something, I am ok with not getting the position. I believe even more now that everything happens for a reason, you stumble into specific places for a purpose and people are introduced into your life for a reason.

With that being said I am still very grateful to have the job I still have and have the knowledge that I am where I need to be at this moment because I haven’t fulfilled my purpose or received the lesson that I need. So I will continue to put 100% of myself into it and follow the path that I am currently on to see what my next step in life is.

My girls completed their first week of school and I am very excited that both of them are happy and enjoying themselves in our new home. Life has truly been good to us this last month and my hopes are that our good fortunes continue to grow and doors continue to open for us; with hard work and a positive outlook of course.

I know is so ways these transition has been a bit rough for them, but they have implanted themselves into their new environment in a way that would make you think this has always been home. I am so grateful that we were able to give them this new opportunity and so happy it has been nothing but happiness, pleasantness, and the smoothest transition any parents could ask for.

As for me I have started networking and connected with some really exciting people, I have been putting myself out there much more; joining clubs at the youngest school, going to writing groups and simple just being more vocal with the people I meet. I told myself before coming out here that I wanted truly embrace this decision and actually live my creative life to the fullest. My goals were not just to write, but to get back to my roots and find that passion and drive I had for my craft when I first started writing. Although, it hasn’t been an instantaneous late night writing binge, every day I work closer to getting my routine back and finding the writer that has been hiding away for some time.

I want to get back to the time when I was never caught without a pen and some form of paper, ready to jot down those random thoughts that would eventually turn into these amazing pieces of art. My goals are not to be rich and famous (however, I will welcome that success, who won’t), my goals are to fall in love again with my words.

With that being said, my writing has been moving in a positive direction, I started working on my novel and although I am still struggling with developing a consistent routine the journey back into my writing has been exciting and satisfying and I can’t wait to see the end result to my first draft.

I am still planning on taking my screenwriting class in January, right now it’s just making sure I get the money together the way I need to. For a little while the class search was starting to go left, but after having the opportunity to speak with a few people and do my own research I am back on track and can’t wait to start.

With that being said everything is going really well for me and the family and I am still on the right path to pursuing and fulfilling my goals. So that has been my life so far and I can’t wait to share more with everyone. I would love for any feedback or suggest you might have, they are always greatly appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you all.

As always Keep Writing, Keep Reading, Keep Pushing Forward.



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