2017 Here I Come

I was talking to my sister yesterday about random stuff as usual. She was telling me, while at work a customer asked, “Had you made any significant changes in your life in 2016?”

So I decided to make that question the main topic on this end of the year post. For me 2016 has been an awaken year for me. Full of ups and downs but as we all know that’s life and we take the punches as they are given and learn to let the wounds heal or let them break us. This year I learned how to let the wounds heal and grow from the experiences of life.

My significant change this year was moving with my family to California, leaving all that I have ever known behind and carving my own path in this amazing world.

The journey has been a scary one, a fun ride, and sometimes a sad one. But the journey has been more then worth it and the road that I now see ahead is paved in the dreams I have laid before myself.

Sitting down I have realized that I have made a lot of broken promises to myself and it is now time to work on fixing that. Everyday I hear these consistent truths; “You have to love yourself first!” “You have to be willing to make the change that you deserve!” “You must fight for your dreams and pursue them relentlessly if you ever expect to achieve them!”

Every year before this has been my year, but I have either been too afraid to realize it or just wasn’t in the right space to except it. I am in the right space today, I am ready to finish this amazing book I call my life and share it with the world.

As usual I will make no promises on the things that I plan to do, because promises are made to broken and that is not the space I will continue to live in. Also, I will not make any revelations or resolutions today either, however I will say this one of the things I will lean to be silent in 2017.

There is no need to speak of my future, speak of my plans or even share the blueprints to my dreams with the world. Today’s mantra is, “JUST DO IT!” Just move forward on the path that I have set for myself and let the world see the finished product when it is ready to be shown.

This year I wish for the best for the entire world, I hope that 2017 bring us all brightness, peace and love. 2017 will be my brightest year I have ever had and I am in complete gratitude with all the blessings that God has bestowed upon me and my family and all of the blessings that we have coming our way.

This year I will not be bringing out a new me, but a better me. The passionate one, the creative one, the person that I have always been but have been silently sitting on the sidelines. This year I reintroduce the world to me! “Hi my real name is Virginia and I am here, I have a story to tell and a life to live to its fullest potential. Thank you for joining me and I hope that you are entertained and inspired.”

Happy New Years World and may the warmth of the sun bathe you in its golden light.

*Made a few grammatical revisions



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