About Me

Two parts writer, one part student, as a wife and a mother, VS is constantly striving to reach her goals in the literary world and beyond. Currently, she is working on her BA in Creative Writing at Full Sail University.

Always searching for new ways to share her creative she has become a fixtured within the social media world, constantly sharing her creative thoughts with the world.

She started writing when she was 13, and from the first poem she knew writing was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.  she also writes short stories, novels, and currently is working on perfecting her screenwriting skills.

Her first published work is a collection of poetry is titled, “The Masquerade Ball”. Presently she is working on her first book to her series and steadily developing ideas for other stories.

She believes a person must claim what they want in life in order for it to truly take form. With that she continues to write and propel her career to the future.


You can also find me at:









One thought on “About Me

  1. Byinnah "Kaos" Jones says:

    A sister to women who each and everyone is completely different but play a major part of my life and the emotion that inspires some of my writing.

    To sum it all up in the words of m sis…I am human, living,feeling,loving, and learning everyday and I use that as my inspiration.

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