Blood Connections



“Our lineage walked the earth when it was new and without light. They sat at the royal round table with the vampires, werewolves, and human in harmony at the height of civilization. Their world could have been considered the mythological Garden of Eden, but as everything that existence in perfection there is always a flaw hidden under the masterpiece. The Great War erupted over the land with devastating effects. My people were decimated and believed to have been wiped clean from the planet and then the first immortal rose once again, in the Egypt of the 6th Dynasty and our story began once again. My name is Envi LeSade princess to the vampire kingdom, daughter to one of the last sons of the Immortal clans and now king of the vampire nation. With a new dawn, a new war has begun, with the death of my mother came the vampire apocalypse and the ruin of the Blood Connection.”

Hey guy I know its been a while, but I back at it again, I just got finish setting up an account with; a website where people can go to help others with different projects. I posted Blood Connection book I up there in hopes to get some backer to help fund it to be selfpublished . With the exception of school and the little ones of course I will be devoting 100% of my time to the story in hopes to have it completed in a good time frame. So I will be posting small excerts fromt the book at least every two week. This way you guys get a chance to see my progress and get to get a sneakpeek into what is going on and I hope everyone will give feedback. So with that said, thanks once again for all that continue to support me and for all my new fans I hope to not disappoint. Don’t forget go to kickstart and show your support. Until next time, keep writing, keep reading, keep inspiring…


July 20, 2011

Book One: “My Father’s Story”







“The Original Six”

stay tuned…


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