One moment in time life stops, things change, people leave, and for you everything remains the same.

Darkness fills your world and you no longer can see the light

The clouds are soft and inviting, but your wings can no longer take flight

One moment in time, life brought you joy, the birth of a child, the celebration of an accomplishment, the pleasure of an obstacle now gone

Peace is a state of mind

Peace is what you make it to be

One moment in time, what we will it bring to thee.



We Are The Keepers of The Gate.

We are the bearers, the makers, the founders, the takers.

We were the first to walk on earthly feet. 

We are the kings, the queens, we are all that is seen.

We are the holders of the burdens of the past. 

We are the mothers and the fathers, the sons and the daughter.

We are in everything that you see.

We are great, we are beauty, we are the inventors, we were the past and we are the future…

So why do we destroy and kill our very image. 

Why do we no longer up lift and now only ravish. 

Why are we ignorant to the plight of one another. 

Why did MLK die adn Malcolm fight ot expose a lie. 

Why rejoice when Obama reign supreme or told children you to can succeed…

If in the end death, destruction, and violence is your means.

Remember where you came from so you can get to where you need to be. 

Celebrate Black History Month









Now matter the spelling, no matter the acronym; it’s still the same meaning: 1 usually offensive; see usage paragraph below : a black person
2 usually offensive; see usage paragraph below : a member of any dark-skinned race
3 : a member of a socially disadvantaged class of persons usage ****** in senses 1 and 2 can be found in the works of such writers of the past as Joseph Conrad, Mark Twain, and Charles Dickens, but it now ranks as perhaps he most offensive and inflammatory racial slur in English. Its use by and among blacks is not always intended or taken as offensive, but, except in sense 3, it is otherwise a word expressive of racial hatred and bigotry. 
Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary online

Hundreds of years ago this word broke spirits, ruined lives, destroyed hope. My brothers & sisters wake up! Why do we degrade each other, belittle each other, knock each other down. All I hear is, “It’s the white man is always trying to stop me.” SHUT UP! GET OVER IT AND GET IT TOGETHER!

We are our own worst enemy, we hold each other back; own negative energy keeps us from achieving our goals. Every time your say, “That’s my *****.” you call your brother a ******. Every time you say “You *****, she’s a hoe, you’re a dog.” That’s just one more boulder on our shoulders weighing us down.

You were born from Kings & Queens, your nothing like you portray yourself to be. The blood that flows through your veins came from great inventors, writers, scholars, and leaders. Your roots are planted firm in this earth, your spirit has traveled these lands for an eternity.

Why do you allow yourself, to be degraded yourself? Why do you allow yourself to stand in your own way? “LOVE THY SELF FIRST, THEN OTHERS WILL REPSECT YOU!”

Remember *****/****** whatever way you spell it, what ever way you say it. You, my brown Kings & Queen; beautiful princes and princess: THAT IS NOT!!

You are not ignorant, you were never inferior. You are an apple from a tree planet in the garden of a miraculous society. You are the roots of this nation, the seeds of this world. You are the beneficiaries of the struggle, and the hope, the joys and also, the pains. You are THE NEXT GENERATION!!!


A V.S.Bryant original poem pass the message

orginall date written unknown 



joy is Gionna’s smile.

joy is Nysayia’s laughter.

joy is his arms holding me tight.

joy is the waging tail of the family pet.

joy is family gathering, for the holidays.

joy is family, an unbroken bond no matter what the strain.

joy is a simple memory of watching a movie with my mother.

joy is still calling my big sister “SISTER”, after so many years.

joy is remember my aunt teaching me to play chess.

joy is watching my other aunt grow & rise through adversity.

joy is seeing my mom’s twin get married again.

joy is never losing James, my cousin, brother, & best friend.

joy is knowing that time can do so much like, build bridges that broke so long ago.


orginally date written unknown




Just the thought of you brings tears to my eyes

Never did I think I could fall this hard for something so close, so far, and definitely a forbidding heart

I smile simple because you say my name

You rock me to sleep every night with soft words flowing through the rain

I wake remember dreams of you holding me through the night

I yearn to touch you, be near you, be with you

My fantasies now surrounds you, making love to you is what I wish

Fear plagues me, because I still don’t quite understand this

I want to enjoy the ride, experience the desire, and keep the fire that burns inside

Questions haunts me; is it real, do I deserve, can I hold, will it last, does the feelings pass?

I love you, though not in love, I want you, but shouldn’t indulge, I need what you bring, but addicted is all I can see

I try to run but can’t let go of you hand, I fear you now have the strings in which I use to stand

Deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole we go, this may not end well, but desire is all we know…


(originally posted August 2, 2011)

From the mouth of a child you know love, you understand peace, and appreciate compassion

Through their eyes you see strenght, you see beauty, you see pain.

Through the child magic is revealed, the world opens up, letting love overflow and wash away all that’s insane.

From the mouth of a child you know love, you understand peace, you are whole, you are the child one and the same.


August 4, 2011

The Motherly Sun…

She watches over us magnificently, shining her soothing light upon
the world.

She warms us
lovingly with her motherly glow and guides us round this pearl.

She nurtures
and protects us all through our days.

She helps
bring new birth and beauty through this phase.

She’s our
mother and our friend, caring for our every need.

She’s our coat
and our shield protecting our very seed.

So when she
lies down for her naps never fear, her sister rises behind her to watch over us

The end

(date orginally written 8-31-00)


July 20, 2011

Didn’t Know What to Say

Wanted to write a poem

Couldn’t figure out what to say
The words wouldn’t come together
Thw rhymes ran away

Wanted to write a poem
But had a list for words
Couldn’t think straight
Everything simple a blur

Wanted to write a poem
But forgot my lines
Now I’m just sitting here
Watching the letters die.


July 20, 2011

And when you stop loving him…

You move on, you walk away, you say goodbye to then and help to a new day.

When he realizes what it is that he’s loss…

He can’t move, he can’t breathe, he can’t go, pride begs him to stay.

This battle is over I neither won nor loss.

I am sitting on the edge of a new destiny, peace and serenity all beckons me.

The flames of this destruction engulfs me and I emerge from the ashes of this devastating reality and like the phoenix I rise to new heights.

I have been cleansed and given a second chance to walk the lines of happiness.

The demons that have held me down are snatched from me.

A clean slate now lye at my feet.

He no longer holds the key to the life that was given to me.

I am the maker of my path, the owner of my life.

I am the path to my happiness, the pilot of my flight.

No longer shall I shed tears for something unworthy of the gift.

No longer will I be the company of pain, the mat of sorrow or the punching bag of hate.

Today I release all that has hurt me.

Tomorrow I stand on my own two feet…



 (Orginally posted 12/2/10)

All I can say is WTF! Why i it that every time I try to see the good in a person they totally and utterly disappoint me. Even more why do they keep disappointing themselves, their children, and their mothers. How is it so easy for a person to be a complete piece of shit and then have the
audacity to want to criticize and judge another…WTF!

When will we as women, men, and adults grow the fuck up and stop complaining and blaming and start doing something with ourselves. When will enough be enough and we realize that its not worth the suffering we put upon ourselves and our children. When does the day come when you stop saying you’re going to do better and just get up and make it happen.

What happen to the girl that once dreamed all biggest dreams or the boy who knew he could do anything? How did you fall so low and now so scared to pick yourself up from the ground? So I say again WTF! WTF! WTF!

What is wrong with the women of today, giving less of you, betraying yourself, killing yourself? When did you lose your self-respect, when did you give up, when did you die inside.

What is wrong with the men today, killing, stealing, cheating, and lying, when did you forget how to be a real man, a father, and a husband.

WTF! Do you even understand what it is you are doing to your children, the examples that you lay before them will be curses they willcarry for life. Will you still be able to live with yourself after the tragedy you will have caused the future to bear?

Seriously, WTF! Wake up girls and boys before it’s too late.


And The Day Never Stops

(Orginally posted 10/5/10)

Trials and tribulations I have faced, I continue to face.
Each day I rise, each day it feels as though I fall.
Still I keep pushing, most of the time not even knowing how, but always knowing why.
I keep pushing for the dream, for peace, and sanity.
Questions erupt in my mind, screaming why.
The answers still have not been reached.
I struggle eternally for the sense needed to make of all this.
The time has long pass to get up, do something, and make a change.
What anchors me to this desolate life, what holds me to the chaos I awake to each morning and the calm death I lay upon every night?
So much is me from the tips of my toes to the top of my head, yet she is caged by her own destruction. The corruption of love and the false sentiment of loyalty has locked her down in a seductive disaster ready to erupt.
I cry, she cries, we cry, I rise, she rise, we rise and then live.
The rain falls for the angels weep for my pain.
The weight of this evil lays upon my shoulders and I fight to stay on top.
She awakes with a new clarity for she is here.
I bow and let her take the lead for she is the stronger half.
We are perfection, yet not perfect.
The divinity of our existence is measured by the dawning of our already enlightened consciousness.
So much is laid out for us be we still fear that which we cannot see.
We burn in this fire of constant struggle, the waves of pain over powers me and I am slain.
Yet she rises from the ashes giving us strength and courage to live
another day.
She sees what has yet to be shown, she knows what is not known.
She is my way and I am hers, to halves fighting for the same purpose and once joined together again will be unstoppable.
She is slowly rising back to the front and I take a step back to free her way…


In The Eyes Of The Beholder

(orginally posted 6/16/10)

Beauty is an unique perception,
full of rich colors and vibrant life. She is beautiful on the outside, while
she is beautiful within. His beauty comes from his muscles, while his beauty is
his heart.

In the eyes of the beholder!

I am confident enough to know
that I am beautiful on the outside, but intelligent enough to know that my true
beauty and worth comes from within. The outer image is just a mere shell that
invites people in to my space, but what I let out from deep within us what keep
them coming and anticipating more.

In the eyes of the beholder!

For so long you have put so much
stock into the outer shell forgetting your inner core, your very essence, the
root that makes you. For so long have you based everything on what others
think, your life has become a movie in which the world directs. You have
forgotten the girl that you once were, lost in the pain, scared to repeat the
cycle, yet to afraid to taste the unknown. Your beauty is lost in a bucket of
tears, trapped in a barrel of despair and not even you can get it open.

In the eyes of the beholder!

You reminisce on a happier past;
trapped in a nightmare you call you future. When you look into the mirror what
is it that you truly see, for only when you see the beauty that is within, then
the world will see thee. Your shell is hard and cold, the only way to cope with
what life has placed before you. Inside you are a scared child, unable to let
go of the pain. When was it that you woke up and decided that this is all you
deserve, you are a queen and with that you need to once again find your throne.
God did not put you here to be a physical, mental, and emotional punching bag!
STAND UP! And take your stand. I cry inside for what you allow, so keep
whispering in your ear “hell is not where you belong my dear”.

In the eyes of the beholder!

With everything said and nothing
done, I am brave enough to be the first to stand. I have looked in the mirror
and could not stand what looked back at me, but today the mirror broke and
‘Jenny’ grabbed hold of me. She reminded me why I stand, why I fight, and damn it
who I am. No longer will I be afraid, no longer will I bury the best of me for
any woman or man. I AM THE BEHOLDER and through my eyes I see a person of great
worth, a queen among queens, the diamond surrounded by class.

In The Eyes Of The Beholder…


orginally written  –  9/15/09 @8PM


The Best Sex

Come closer and feel the warmth of my passion, let desire wrap
you in a blanket of endless seduction and heated pleasure.
 Take me in your arms and let me melt
into you 

The two become one, all night entwined in passion undescribed. 

Then slowly releasing all that can be shared.

Desire, passion, and pleasure we two can share.

Softly you touch me, slowly I caress you.

Our climax, an explosion, an eruption, it shakes the earth. 

Uncontrollably I moan as you thrust, as you turn. 

You run your fingers through my hair; I run my nails down your
back. I say your name, you say yes, don’t stop, my God this is the best. 

On and on, over and over, do I day this is lovemaking; no just
SEX, go harder, rougher, deeper, longer, almost there, continue with the rest. 

Ecstasy, I explode, you explode, we explode… Oh how I think I love you and it only
cost me twenty dollars and ninety nine cents…


For Who I Am

(Orginally posted 6/9/10)

For who I am, is nothing short of remarkable and yet I too am only human.
I am scare, I make mistakes, I fall, and I rise.
I am force to be reckoned with on a good day and a frightened child
the next time you blink.
I am me, nothing less than amazing; in three words I can make you laugh, cry, tremble, and rejoice.
I am me.
I break down walls and stand even when I’m knocked to my knees; I keep marching on.
Today I declare that nothing short of GOD shall stop me!
I have seen the sunshine and bathe in its light and now I am renewed.
I stand before all unchanged, but reborn.
This is not the new me, just the me, only few have seen.
The one is back and this time nothing will stand in her way.
All that I have claimed shall be mine cause my struggle is legendary and will not be in vain.

The First Of Many!



(orginally posted 2/9/10)

Once again this is one for all the mothers out there…what’s wrong with you, what are you doing, where do your loyalty really lie.
Nothing comes before my children and I cannot fathom deliberately putting them in harm’s way of any kind.
Remember abuse is mental as well as physical and their little shoulders were not made to hold certain things.
Think about the choices you make because in the end they will determine the adult your baby will be in he future.
I understand that your life is yours and you will live it however you see fit. Remember this though; whe you decided to bring that child into the world you signed a contract in your blood to make sure that child is loved, taking care of, nurtured and protected.
When you pushed him/her out you vowed to put them first and make sure their needs are met at all times. With that said, what the hell is wrong with you, no I am not the perfect parent  and I don’t believe any of us are, but what I am; is a mother and I hold that as I would the crown jewels. My children are my Davinci, my Mona Lisa and I will lay down my life to make sure that they are always safe and secure. I wake up every day for them; I struggle and strive for them; because of them. God gave me a blessing that can never be matched and I will continue t do all in my power to honor those gifts and show that I am grateful for being lucky enough to have them…Can you say the same.


The Choices of a Child, The Regrets of a Parent

(orginally written 9/24/09)

Do we blame the child or do we blame the parent. How dare we as adults look down on a child for
the decisions that they have made when we were not there to guide them, to lead
them, to protect them. How do we call ourselves parents when we give up without
ever truly fighting? Who is really to blame when the child makes the wrong
choices or travels the wrong road, when we were never there to guide them in
the right direction? Who do we think we are and how can we say that they are
wrong when we never took the time to explain life and the world so that their
decisions would be based on something solid and stable. How dare is cry now we
the world has given them the basic thing that we were to stupid or afraid to
give. Why does the parent always cry the victim when their child “embarrasses” them?
When if you were doing your job from the beginning maybe the outcome would have
been different. On for all the real parents please don’t take offense to this
for this is not about you, but do pay attention so you don’t fall into this
trap of ignorance and denial. Wake up people and know the choices you make DOES
affect the children we are their strongest models of adulthood and when they
can’t get what they need from us, their parents they will seek it from outside
sources. Understand this, the worst thing we can do is just give our children
to the outside world unprepared. The outcome; drugs, gangs, sexual issues, need
I go on. Wake up mothers and father we are the first step and if that door
cannot be open another will be wide and inviting.


It’s the Simple Things in Life

(orginally written 9/24/09)

So often do we forget the simple things in life; a walk in the park, a chat with an old friend, or movie night with the family. With Christmas approaching fast I am once again reminded of the simple things. Things like seeing my daughter’s eyes light up when the Christmas Tree was finish or sitting with them watching “Santa Claus is Coming to Towm”. I better understand that it isn’t always about the physical things you recieve but the spiritual and mental gifts; that feeling you get after a family day our and the children had the time of their lives and just want to go on and on about it. It’s the realization that the smallest thing can make the world just that much brighter, when a pillow pet can be the greatest thing you ever gave them.

It’s going to the mall and leaving without a single bag for yourself but knowing those you love got what they needed adn boy what you wanted. I think we put too much stock in how much we spend, or how much we have, while forgetting that the real gift is simply waking up another day getting a chance to see it all again.

The holidays bring back fond memories, eggnog and my mom, the happiness that spilled out of every light on the tree. I remember that whole family being together, laughing, caring, and loving. It wasn’t about the cost of the gift but about the quality of the love from your family.

I want to take some time this holiday and remind my children of the true meaning of Christmas. I want them to know it has nothing to do with the cost of the gift or the amount under the tree, but that it’s about the time spent with family and the joy of the day.


11/4/2008 —


The time for change is now!! ! As I sit here and listen to Barack Obama; our new and first African American President of the United States of America, I am honored to be able to say that I am alive to witness history in the making. Now is the time for change, today proves that anything is possible and the possibilities are definitely endless. I want to say thank you to Barack for never being deterred, for standing his ground, standing strong, and determined. But, also, I want to say thank you to my brothers and sisters for coming together and proving that our voices can move mountains. As he spoke his words of inspiration I remembered the blood that flows through my veins and at that moment I remembered that there is nothing that I cannot do. So I say to Barack Obama and every African American, we have reached the mountain top and I implore Obama to not stop and not let his fight or ours be in vain; now that we have reached the top of the mountain let’s begin the fight of pushing it completely out of our paths. Today, God rest her soul, my mother would be proud, so for tomorrow I will start my journey to the top of my mountain for her, for myself, for my children, and for my people. Thank you Barack for helping us all remember that: “Yes We Can”, and so we shall… VS Bryant


Orginally writtern Novemeber 07′


Why is life so hard, when time is so ****** short?

Why do people tell you to do your best, when all they really want is for you to

Why follow your heart, when most of the time, it leads astray?

Why climb the mountain, when there’s a bump waiting to push you back down?

Why cry, when there is so much to laugh about?

Why complain, when you are so blessed?

Why worry, when everyday is an adventure?

Why pout, when the world is such a beautiful thing?





This is a Public Service Announcement for the new millennium!
When will we as a people finally wake up and realize that nothing can be done until we learn to help ourselves? What is going on people? Why are we allowing our homes, our neighbors, adn neighborhoods to be plagued by violence, drugs, poverty, and ignarance? Why are we sitting on our behinds complaining instead of getting up adn fighting the make a change.

It’s time for things to change! Understand that you do have the power, you are the driving force; YOU TO CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! It’s time to clean up our streets. It’s time to bring back the old days when our children could go outside and play and you as a parent didn’t have to worry about your children being shot, kidnapped or even molested by a peer! IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD!!

Our children need us. They are begging for us to save them and set them free. How are they supposed to learn to fly if their wings are chained Free them from the chains of poverty and the shackles of gangs; open he doors and release them from their prison known as their environment.

WAKE UP!!! It is not only the responsibly of our government, it is also up to us. WE HAVE TO SHOW OUR FUTURE THAT THERE IS MORE. That the road is endless and nothing can stop the eagle within from soaring to new and greater heights. If we are unwilling to teach them to fly, who are we to expectanyone else to step up to the plate?

It is time to disassemble the gangs that only educate our children with drugs and violence. It’s time for a new gang, a better group, a positive corner. They need us to show them a better way, tech them that a gang can build you and your community up, instead of just tearing you down. It’s time to start pushing new drugs; called education & self-respect!!

I was too young to remember the riots, the devastation and trauma that plagued our streets. But I know I do not want my children to have to bear witness to catastrophic levels of the degradation their fore fathers were forced to endure.