February 22, 2012


“Life is an amazing thing, it’s full of love, drama, devotion, pain, miracles,and heartache. Live it everyday to the fullest”  Original Quote


February 1, 2012

The road that is paved with the blood of my father’s, the tears of my mother’s, and the sweat of my sister’s snd brother’s is the road I walk everyday still pushing forward from oppession; not the oppression they had to face but new threats; pain nolonger comes in black and white, the rainbow of the world is being threaten; freedoms are being snatch and our children are dying…whatever your color, whatevet your choice remember…YOU TOO STILL HAVE A PLACE ON THE RAINBOW AND WITHOUT YOU THE CANVAS IS JUST A BLANK SLATE NOT THE MASTERPIECE IT TRULY IS!


July 8, 2011
“And when the music stops it all comes rushing back, the drama, the pain, the sacrifice, and the lost. Nothing will ever be as it was before, it can be so much better for the rest of the ride. I love you more than you will ever truly know, but I can no longer stand by and watch you destroy your life. With this finally breath I give you hope, I give you love, I give you peace. Take all that I have inside and use it, heal your soul; find her that once was, she that was meant to be, and the woman that I’ve always seen. Stop letting others determine your worth, be that fire cracker I once admired, come once again and be the other have of me…”  VSB orignal



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